Letter of Complaint to Grindr

Dear Grindr-ers,

I have written to you previously in relation to the large amount of racism and internalised homophobia I and others are encountering on Grindr. You have not replied to my emails.

I am the administrator of the blog: www.stopracismandhomophobiaongrindr.com

I have started this blog to vent my frustration and to raise awareness of the unacceptable nature of so many of the profiles on your site.

Your terms and conditions clearly state you will not accept this sort of behaviour, and yet you appear to do nothing whatsoever about it. This is very frustrating. As a prominent site in the gay community across the world, I would think you have a social responsibility to guide gay men towards acceptable, inclusive behaviour.

Homophobia, internalised or externalised, is clearly unacceptable. Terms such as “Straight Acting”, and “No Fairies” and “No Femmes” and even “No Fags” are way too common on your site.

Racism on any level is also clearly unacceptable. Terms such as “No Asians” and ”No Indians” and ”No Blacks” and ”No Rice” and “No Curry” are way too common on your site.

You need to be doing more to stop this. I have reported many, many profiles with this sort of language and not one of them has been removed.

What is going on here? Is your only concern the profit margin? Why are you only policing people’s photos and swear words, yet such clearly unacceptable speech is ignored.

Let me be very clear – there is no grey area in these arguments. Academics across the world are in agreement as to what constitutes racism and homophobia.


I am awaiting your quick response,


Stop Racism & Homophobia on Grindr