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So… homosexuality does exist in nature, but haters still call it “unnatural”… what is frankly unnatural is that despite the existence of the proof of over 1,500 species showing homosexual pairing, our rights are still being voted on, where we even don’t have any rights in some countries…

Humanity; this shit needs to end now, seriously.

www(.)salon(.)com/2011/11/16/the_coming_out_story_i_never_thought_id_write/singleton/#comments <-This story rights here reflects internalized homophobia and why "straight-acting" guys, such as the author don't like femenine gays it is because they remind them, they are in fact gay and they have been taught and still believe there is something wrong. I just thought you may find it interesting. Cheers on your blog who is great by the way, mate!

Thank you! Glad you like the blog.

Yes it’s pretty sick isn’t it? Being conditioned by society to think the very thing you are is wrong or disgusting in some way, and then projecting this conditioning onto anyone or anything you think fits into the same “abnormal” box.

I will put up a link to the site you mention.