1 Thing About Gay Guys

One thing about gay dudes, We respond fast as hell to a torso. If your body is as sexy as above, honestly, we could probably care less about your face. It’s almost as if we say to ourselves, well if he looks like THIS, the face can’t be that bad.

We are so shallow. We are so shallow that we are plain RUDE to dudes who do not look like this. We even lose self respect for ourselves when it comes to a body like this. Just with my pic alone dudes will be QUICK to post a cock pic as if THAT’S gonna gain you more desire, respect, or WHATEVER.

The f’ed up thing about this is that a killer face gets you nowhere in our community. A great personality with a great face gets you nowhere. Kind gestures get you nowhere with us. A killer set of abs and pecks gets you anything you want.

Sad really. This is YOUR life.