A Success Story!

Tonight I approached a guy on Grindr who’s profile said “Str8 Acting Top”. I sent a message to him saying he should come to this blog and have a read. I said I didn’t want to have an argument and meant no offence (I’m sooooo sick of arguing with guys who just don’t “get it”).

Now, every single “straight acting” guy I’ve ever approached has thrown a not-so-straight-acting hissy fit at me whenever I’ve mentioned the possibility that the term might be offensive. Every single one. Not a single exception.

So imagine my surprise when this guy actually checked out this blog, read some stuff, and changed his profile straight away! He said he didn’t want to offend anyone, and never thought of the term in that way before.


So, 1 out of 100 guys? A pretty shitty success rate. But I’m still going to bed happy tonight 🙂