Five white Australians are sitting together at a cafe…

Two are gay, three are straight. How progressive you might say that the straights and the gays are mixing together. Well it is 2012 after all. And what are they all talking about, you wonder? The “fucking filthy abo’s [Aborigines] down the street” [who are] “a fucken disgrace.”

Yes, REAL progressive.

(This is actually happening right in front of me at a cafe. It’s 6:34am in Melbourne city).

You sound angry, is everything ok?

I don’t know about anyone else, but I get this come-back a lot from heaps of the ignorant people I deal with on Grindr and elsewhere. They say it as some sort of counter-punch to my queries, rather than deal with the actual issues of racism and internalised homophobia directly (because they can’t deal with them, because there’s no excuse good enough for their behaviour).

So the whole “Why are you so angry, I don’t let things bother me so much” statement can really throw a person when they are dealing with ignorance, because its a cowardly technique an ignorant person will use to try to shift the conversation from the racism/homophobia onto you, and if you’re not careful you will be in an argument where you are defending yourself when it should be the racist homophobe answering to his/her ignorance.

Just remember, ignorance and injustice are shit, and it is NORMAL for you to be angry about it. What is NOT NORMAL is a person who’s reaction to ignorance and injustice is apathy – this whole “I don’t let things get to me so much” is another way of saying “I don’t give a fuck about anything but myself.” THAT IS NOT NORMAL. In fact, that is downright PSYCHOTIC.

So next time one of these apathetic arseholes tries to shift the conversation and blame YOU for RIGHTFULLY and COURAGEOUSLY fighting the good fight, just ask them:

“Why are you trying to change the subject? It’s normal to be angry at injustice and ignorance! What’s not normal is your apathetic reaction to it.”