How can you be “more gay” than someone else who is gay too? I’m sorry but this whole quote is awful. It’s the same line the gay male internalised homophobes use but in reverse – “just coz I don’t act like a big girl doesn’t mean I’m not gay”. And then the whole “I hate gender roles” is really just a veiled attack. All I’m hearing is “I’m just a ‘normal’ feminine woman, not one of those ‘abnormal’ butch-dykes!”

To whomever wrote this: GIVE ME A BREAK.


Image: Portia De Rossi

Text: I’m an extremely feminine lesbian and I think people think that it makes me less of a lesbian because of it. I’m sick of people telling me I’m going to be straight one day because I wear dresses. I’m a ‘gold star’ and I’m more gay than most of the ‘butch’ girls I know considering I’ve never even kissed a guy.