Reasons Why [Heterophobia] Against [Straight] People Doesn’t Exist



  • “[Heteronormativity] is the imposition of political, social, and economic power, as justified by [gender/sexual] categorizations.” (Routledge Companion to Race and Ethnicity)
  • [Heteronormativity] = predication of decisions + policies on considerations of [sexuality] for the purpose of subordinating a [non-heterosexual] group + maintaining control over it. (Stokely Carmichael)

So, dear [straight] people, if you’re feeling like you’re being picked on because of your [heterosexuality] by all the big, bad minorities, stop and think for a moment. About your [heterosexual] privilege. You might feel that it’s not easy being [heterosexual] these days. You might feel like you’re often being put on the defensive. You might even feel like the government favors non-[heterosexuals], because of [anti-villification laws].

Let’s think about this critically:

  • [Heterosexuals] occupy the location of dominance within the [sexual] hierarchy. Politically, economically, culturally, and numerically. [Heterosexuals] have disproportionate control and influence of and on political parties, the legal system, government controlled industry, business, and on and on and on.
  • [Heterosexual] cultural practices, ideologies, and location within the [sexual] hierarchy are normalized. That means anything not [heterosexual] is seen as outside the norm, and everything [heterosexual] is “just the way things are.” [Heterosexuals] don’t need to justify their way of doing or being the way non-[heterosexuals] do.
  • And here’s the kicker. [Heterosexuals] typically lack a [sexuality] consciousness. They don’t have to think about the norms, behaviors, experiences, or perspectives as being [hetero]-specific. Because that’s part of their privilege. And does this part sound familiar? Most [heterosexuals] “believe that they earn what they get and that their achievements are nearly all based on individual effort, talent, and creativity.” That is what we call the myth of the meritocracy.

This is a nice summary: 

“[Heterosexual] transparency is also why [heterosexuals] can feel like they are fully under attack for little reason, and why they may feel that society is set up against them. To be [heterosexual] means, in part, that one does not see the advantages garnered from being [heterosexual], so any threat against taken-for-granted ways of life is indeed threatening and feels unjustified.”

(Transcending Racial Barriers)

So, to Diane and other heterosexuals who don’t like it when gay people tell them to fuck off and mind their own business, and who think in those instances that they are the victims of “heterophobia”, and that this so-called “heterophobia” is identical to the homophobia we gays experience EACH AND EVERY DAY OF OUR LIVES either overtly or from living in the heteronormative world, then it’s time for you and your kind to sip on a long, hot cup of SIT THE FUCK DOWN followed by a nice, relaxing slice of SHUT THE FUCK UP.