Just way too many of these arseholes today. STFU homo-homophobes.

If you want the freedom to be who you are you need to respect everyone elses freedom to do the same.

Some guys want to wear basketball shorts all the time, watch sports, go camping, and fuck dudes, then some other guys like shoe shopping, dancing, finger painting, and fucking dudes. Fundamentally there’s no difference.

If someone else being feminine and loving sparkles makes you feel uncomfortable you need to check yourself because you’re the one with the problem, not them. It takes way more courage for a boy to put on heels and lipstick and step out of his house and not apologize for who he is than it takes for you to sit there in your sports jersey and say you’re “straight acting”.

Or they just don’t like feminine guys the way some guys don’t like jocky girls. Instead of this long ass rant maybe check yourself before being a little cunt.

Check yourself for being a little cunt? Seriously? You said this?? Maybe you should think a little deeper on the issues that are raised here before vomiting out your ignorant bullshit. It’s all about use of language online, and how that language marginalises and discriminates. It’s not about “what you’re into” it’s about how you express what you’re into – in a positive way or in a way tha makes others feel like shit. You’ve missed the point entirely, and need to go back to school TODAY.

that* Also it is obvious this said person it talking about what he is more into. It’s like lesbians saying they don’t like Barbie types ect… Take some of your own advice please.

There’s a difference between bashing a particular group of people and just outright telling people what you aren’t attracted to.
Don’t get so mad because they don’t fit your tastes or don’t enjoy the same things you do. You’re just as bad, if not worse. 

Also, I don’t understand this whole issue.

Gays are downright attracted to masculinity. If you don’t believe me check the many titles we have on porn about “straight acting”, “military”, “men in uniform” and what not, tropes that represent the masculinity in our modern world.

The same femme guys are also at fault here: aren’t they the ones saying that they have a “man pussy” when refferring to their anus? aren’t they the ones “honeying” and “acting like a woman” in the first place?

This is what we call heteronormativity: The belief and the mindset for our society that there’s only one way for couples to exist, and that is, when they represent the femenine and the masculine aspect. In other words: for a “straight acting gay” to exist, a “fabulous sparkling homosexual” is needed.

Look, heteronormativity is wrong ON BOTH ENDS OF THE SPECTRUM. If you are gay you don’t have to act all flamboyant and fabulous, nor you have to hide it under a thick layer of straightness. If you are gay, you like dudes. Period. It has nothing to do with how you act, it has more to do with what you like.

Seriously tumblr, I sometimes hate your pretentious morals.

All I see here are a bunch of people who haven’t/can’t give the issue of internalised homophobia any thought, and are attempting to de-rail because they can’t offer up any real excuse for the offensive crap internalised homophbes dish out on a daily basis. I mean, you said it yourself when you started your sentence with, “I don’t understand this whole issue” Back to school people, back to school!