How offensive is it that he’s telling darker skin guys to not message him? If you’re choosing your level of attachment based on someone’s damn lightness/darkness, simply ignore messages you don’t fucking like, but don’t throw out a last word insult. It’s so clear that he’s self-hating.

I see it all the time in the Atlanta gay scene with other black guys. It’s obvious he’s black, but he doesn’t list his profile as black, he could have said he’s mixed, but he is “other” – as if he is anything BUT black. #imnotblacksyndrome

I’m middle eastern. And in my culture there is a lightskin/darkskin complex between us just like the black community, Indian community, and any other ethnic community! But I have moved past from all that and I embrace my tan skin without judging others for how light or dark they are.

But THIS, self hatred and bringing down of others in your own community? I can’t handle this shit. I have a black boyfriend and he’s got some shittious friends who say the same type of things, and I CANNOT stand it.