I’m cute and I’m funny, and I’m a homophobe with an intense dose of white privilege, so that’s a plus!

This guy told me he “doesn’t subscribe to the view” that the term “straight-acting” implies that to be “gay-acting” is bad (frightening flaw in his logic as we all know), and anyone whom he offends can basically just suck eggs for all he cared. 

So in this guy’s mind, just because he has decided that the meaning of words don’t apply to him, it’s everyone else’s problem if they are offended. It’s like white idiots who call their mates “n****s” and argue that they aren’t offending black people because they simply “don’t mean it that way” or in this guy’s language “don’t subscribe to the view that the word n**** is offensive in that context”.

Yet another person of white privilege who is so unused to being challenged that he couldn’t contemplate changing for even a millisecond, because in his mind he has a born right to express whatever he likes no matter how negatively it affects another individual or group – the rest be damned.

A shameful example of a gay man right here.