Here’s a “titillating” piece in the Murdoch toilet-paper press. Entitled 
Great tranny robbery: He had heels, blonde wig, matching bag and taser
this just goes to show how excited the media is about running ridiculously phobic stories to grab some readers. This is no different, NO DIFFERENT, than the recent American scandal about using the phrase “CHINK IN THE ARMOUR”. Just because this idiot thinks it’s clever to run a pun on the phrase “GREAT TRAIN ROBBERY” doesn’t mean his poor, poor attempt at “Aussie Humour” can be accepted. IT IS UNACCEPTABLE.  There is also NO DIFFERENCE between using the word “TRANNY” in an article and using the word “FAGGOT” in an article. They are both unacceptable and offensive. They can’t run with homophobic statements anymore, but trans* issues are still considered fair game.
I’ve already written a letter of complaint to the AUSTRALIAN PRESS COUNCIL here: And to the vile scumbags who printed the article at the Daily Telegraph here:
Please do the same if you have a spare couple of minutes. Here’s a transcript of the article:
A SYDNEY transvestite caught on CCTV robbing a petrol station denied he was the bandit, arguing: “That can’t be me – I look better than that.”
Wearing a blonde wig, knee-high boots, pink singlet, a modest James Andrew Hart- also known as Naomi – thought he was much better looking than the “taser robber” captured on security camera. But self-confessed drug-user Hart, who claims no recollection of the raid on the Go Gas service station in June last year, was jailed for 2 1/2 years when he appeared in the Downing Centre District Court last week. The court heard that Hart, who had caught a taxi to the robbery, yelled at staff: “Open the drawer and give me the money. Don’t move and count to 20.” Hart, who netted $960 cash, was arrested 15 hours later – wearing the same clothing. He told police he had no knowledge of robbing the service station. “Sometimes I take drugs and I blank out,” police documents tendered to the court said. The court heard that Hart ordered his cab driver to stop on Regent St, Chippendale, telling him “just stay there” while he went inside and perused the aisles of the service station. Hart activated the taser twice, causing it to “arc”, in an attempt to intimidate the service station employee, the court heard. The 26-year-old took $960 cash from the employee before telling him: “Don’t move and count until 20”, the court heard. He then left the service station and got back in the waiting cab which took him to Botany, court documents said. When arrested at 10.15 that night Hart was wearing the same pink singlet he wore in the service station. He was charged with armed robbery and pleaded guilty in Central Local Court in September. He has been in protective custody since his arrest. Hart told the court he had been harassed during his time in prison. “People grope me, hit me on the arse and ask me for sexual favours,” he told the court. Hart also said he had been addicted to ice when he committed the crime and had been injecting “one gram a day”. He told the court he had attained a “certificate four hairdressing diploma” and a diploma of hairdressing management before committing the crime and planned to use the qualifications to start a career when he was released from prison. Judge Anthony Garling sentenced Hart to a non-parole term of two years and eight months in prison. He will be eligible for release in February 2014. 

Trans*phobia alive and well in the Australian news media