I’m not hiding. The only reason that I don’t have a tumblr is that it has been deleted when I started telling the truth about gay people: that you are disgusting and abnormal. My name is Sophie Miriam Herold, I’m a 21-year-old female undergraduate student from Germany. You also know me as smartypants. You can contact me by sending a message to: smarty2010pants@googlemail.com I am not hiding. I’m not afraid of you gay people. I will fight you as long as I can. I know that by putting me out there I will be harassed and threatened. That is the price I have to pay for telling the truth about gay people. But I am not afraid of being physically harmed or killed. You may break my bones, but you can’t change the facts: that homosexuality is abnormal and disgusting. corinnajune:
Sophie Miriam Herold Maliciously anti-LGBTQ and a closeted homosexual. She finds people within the LGBTQ community and posts their private information online. Report her to Tumblr and feel free to curse the bitch out.

LA Muse.: Meet Sophie Miriam Herold