Lol and yet again we start the self-hating gay merry-go-round

Sometimes I think these guys should be locked in a room as soon as they come out and be reconditioned to live as proud gay men before they can be let loose on the world. This poor little ignorant thing is having a really “cringy” time because he cannot understand why all the poor, ignorant, hateful gay men out there can’t express their “preferences” freely without being criticised by people like me.

He doesn’t have the cranial capacity to understand that there’s a massive difference between PREFERENCE and PREJUDICE. That’s because, like a lot of the new wave of gay boys coming out these days, the diversity of the gay world has been filtered away by his block button. His loss, our gain.

The other strange thing is a lot of the little bigots are big Lady Gaga fans. I think she’d bitchslap them if she read the crap coming off their keyboards.

Well little cringe-dude, it’s probably time you start going through my blog and others like mine, and start learning a little about how your language negatively affects other gay men, and how it reflects your own white privilege, self-loathing, and general hatefulness.

(I know he will probably never do it, but hey it’s a dream nonetheless).

And to quote these two pathetic excuses for gay men: “everyone has their choices”. How true you are. Some people choose to be decent human beings, and others like yourselves, choose to live lives devoid of meaning and depth. It’s also no surprise that both of these wankers are white (like so not a surprise!!!)

To this embarrassing little man: FAIL.


goffslut replied to your post: stopracismandhomophobiaongrindr started following…

that is the CRINGIEST url I’ve ever seen in my life

it is the cringiest blog EVER

its all about stopping people putting ‘no fem no fairies’ etc on their tumblr or ‘no asians no blacks’ etc

everyone has their own choices

they aren’t being racist or homophobic they are just stating their preferences