This is the photo of a tumblr user. His blog is: GOFFSLUT. In a recent comment about my blog he stated: “Please kill the guy / thing that runs it it’s just awful.” I would just like to take his opportunity to point out the irony that this little fella is calling me a “thing”. LOL

Now this is what GOFFSLUT writes about himself:
I’m 17 and I love Lady Gaga, I try not to post too much of her though. I tend to reblog whatever I like / makes me laugh / make shit text posts about my life and I over-use words ha

I’m not much of a Gaga fan myself, but I don’t mind her. What I love about her is the whole “accept everyone for who they are” message she has put out there, and her embrace of all kinds of diversity, colour, and culture. Kinda ironic that all of that amazingness has totally bypassed little GOFFSLUT here – he cant really be much of a Gaga fan if he’s ridiculing people who are trying to stop ignorance and bigotry.