Of for fuck’s sake my comments were clear exaggerations. I was very excited to see the article in the paper, despite it being watered down to suit The Age. I thought it was awesome that this subject had finally hit a mainstream paper and I’m totally all for it. And as for your critique of my blog, I don’t care much for it. You’re clearly offended by it because it challenges you. However, why don’t we have a look at your blog, with it’s endless reblogs of generic pretty white boys and mindless stupidity revolving around the consumption of alcohol. Yeah, like that’s going to make much of an impact on the world. When you have something worthwhile on offer other than your arsehole jealousy and stupidity, we can talk. As for your complete meltdown over my blog, and how much you wish I wasn’t running it, there is a simple solution dude: STOP FOLLOWING IT AND FUCK OFF! stopracismandhomophobiaongrindr:
In today’s paper in Melbourne, page 11, the total theft of my blog’s ideas has taken place. However, after reading this, particularly the author’s last line, all I can say is this is a really watered-down piece that doesn’t ask the tough questions of white…

I’m not here to make friends.: KISS ME I’M ASIAN! The ideas in this blog just went mainstream!