What this blog IS ABOUT, and what it’s NOT ABOUT

Ok so I’ve been getting frustrated lately with the number of ignorant bigots out there who are telling me what my blog is about. Statements like, “you’re just trying to tell people that they are racist if they don’t have sex with Asians” and “you’re a hypocrite because you are pushing an agenda about how you think gays should behave in a stereotypical manner, and you’re ignoring all the gays who don’t fit into the stereotypes.”

All of these statements are bullshit. They are the product of small-mindedness. These statements are made by people who find what I have to say too challenging, so they are looking for ways to derail and trivialise my beliefs.

It’s simple, really. My blog is about:

1. Educating people about how their use of language discriminates against other members of their own gay community.
2. Encouraging gay men to be accepting of each other’s diversity.
3. Encouraging gay men to empathise with other members of their own community, and to remember that it is a shitty struggle to be gay for all of us, so it’s important not to make another gay man’s life even shittier.

My blog is not about:
1. Demanding gay men have sex with certain races.
2. Demanding cis-gendered gay men have sex with more feminine men.
3. Demanding that anyone have sex with anyone they don’t want to have sex with.
4. Pushing an idea of gay life onto other people, to the exclusion of more traditional ideas of masculinity (such as saying that any gay cis gendered man does not have a right to live his life outside of traditional gay stereotypes otherwise he is “internally homophobic”)

Anyone who claims something other than the above, just does not understand, or does not want to understand what I’m on about.