You post alot of things that you call discrimination on Grindr, but there is such thing as preference. If a guy doesn't want a fem guy, he has the right to say he doesn't want on. The same goes for when people say no blacks or asians. Everyone has a preference. There is no need to get upset because someone doesn't want a certain type of person.

Here we go again, we are back on the old “It’s not discrimination its just a preference” wagon. Facts: preferences are when you say “I like brown hair, or someone who works out in the gym, or someone who is artistic.” Prejudice is when you say “No blacks, no Asians, no queens, no femmes, no Girly guys, no curry, no rice etc etc.” So basically, when following your logic, a shop keeper who has a preference for doing business only with white customers is free to put up a sign on the shop that says “No blacks”. The most frightening aspect is that you are a black guy. But you are a self-hating black guy. And what’s worse is you actually said “people have a right” to say these things. You need to be totally ashamed of yourself and I hope all the other amazing people of colour sort you out because you’re on a fast track down the Ignorant Highway.