I've been looking for a blog that discusses these topics for a while now. So glad I found it. I've only read two posts that have answered so many questions I've had. So, firstly, thank you. Secondly, I seem to be the unpopular opinion on the usage of the word 'faggot.' All I see is a perpetuation of the anti-gay connotation. Every usage I've seen (even by the gay community) is always negative, and used for people someone dislikes. Is this an issue, or am I blowing it out of proportion?

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Hmmm, I see the word “faggot” as being identical to the word “n****”. I won’t write the N-word because I am not black and have no right to use it. And that’s how I see “faggot”. It belongs to us, as non-heterosexual men. I’m not saying its a good word, bit its our word, it is our cross to bear.

It has been used against us for so long, and it’s actual contextual meaning is so vulgar and hateful, that it’s use by anyone who isn’t non0-heterosexual is outrageous, even in jest, and cannot be tolerated.

This word, as far as I understand it, means literally a “bundle of sticks”. The Italian word for bassoon, a woodwind instrument that looks like a pile of sticks, is “fagotti”. From what I know (although this could be considered an “urban legend”) the usage in terms of non-heterosexual men derives from when they used to throw homosexuals onto the fire when they were burning heretics and witches, like they would throw a “faggot” onto a fire to make it burn faster. Disgusting.

So to me, this word belongs to all of us, and it is ours to reclaim and use as we like. Just like African Americans have reclaimed the N-word, we have the word Faggot, and we can use it in good and bad ways, just like they have with n*****. 

Personally, I often refer to myself in jest as a “fag”. I am also quite fond of the word “faggotry” to describe all things homosexual and male. I use the word often. It doesn’t cause me any pain when I use it, or when any other non-heterosexual uses it. I’m glad it is used because it reminds us all that we have been and still are the subjects of oppression and discrimination. It’s part of us, our history.

But if a heterosexual uses the word around me (if they are stupid enough to dare) I always lose my shit at them, and remind them the word belongs to me and not them.

Just my take on it, I’m sure there are people who would hate this opinion, and others who would have a different opinion altogether. It would be interesting to hear from them.