So I got banned from Grindr due to offensive content. I changed my profile picture to one of my drag persona and said, "masc str8 acting, no fems." I'm HOPING that I was banned for the "no fems" bit, even though I obviously was using it satirically. I figured you might find that interesting… are we beginning to make progress? Do you know of anybody else who was banned for that behavior?

This is pretty disturbing stuff. When you say you were banned, do you mean you were actually banned from Grindr or was your profile text edited/deleted? Either way it is totally fucked. What I’ve found with Grindr is their people can act like extremely over-sensitive Christian-Fascists when it comes to seeing underwear, or anything the reflects a side of gay-life that these Puritans think is distasteful – to them. They seem to worship the God of Heteronormativity – nice, clean, white and pure. Men of Colour are Ok as long as they know their place and don’t make a fuss. You can be racist, you can be homophobic, because they only see that as a “preference”. You definitely can’t have a political viewpoint, unless ite a watered down “marriage equality” stance. I remember being censored for the following words: “Hmmm. Racism? Homophobia? I must be in a gay space!” All I can say is I will keep up the pressure in any way I can until these gay traitors wake up to themselves. They don’t have the right to dictate to us how gay life should be expressed. We should be dictating to them!