This one almost sounded like a nice guy until the backhanded swipe at effeminacy. Newsflash little homophobe: everyone on Grindr is a “dude”already, no matter who you think is a “chick” or not.

As for the comment by GEORGESAYKAO can I respond with an extreme LOL? Firstly you obviously don’t understand the written word too well. It’s soooooo not about the use of the word “dude” it’s about the homophobic “not chicks” statement. Secondly, all these racists and homophobes are “nice” until you touch upon subjects that bring out their ignorance, bigotry, and prejudices. And thirdly, this is not a “positive” subject, so therefore this is not a “positive” blog which gives you two choices: stop following, or DEAL WITH IT.