Homophobia, as I’ve seen it, is defined as people marching streets with signs saying “God hates fags” (yeah, that reflects really well on both you and the God you claim to be serving.)  It is defined as using hateful slurs such as “You’re such a faggot” or “You’re so gay, go eat cock.”  It’s defined as treating somebody who is homosexual or bisexual differently than you would a heterosexual.  If you start a sentence with “I’m not homophobic, but…” you probably are.  I don’t agree with the lifestyle, but that doesn’t make me homophobic. I know many people who identify as gay or lesbian and I treat them just like I’d treat any other person.
WRONG By not agreeing with the ‘lifestyle’ you are a homophobe.  Just because you, as a straight person, don’t think something is homophobia, doesn’t stop it being homophobia. It just makes you a homophobe.  Straight people don’t get to decide what homophobia is. 
I don’t treat gay people different, I just “DON’T AGREE WITH THR LIFESTYLE”. Let go of your false religion, idiot, and we all might finally make some progress on this planet.

Just because I don’t ‘support’ gay rights doesn’t mean I’m homophobic.