So let me get this straight… Every guy that doesn't like femmes is a self hating homophobe? It seems to me you are quick with that phrase. Femmes don't give us gays a bad look… but people like you certainly do.

No, you haven’t got anything “straight” at all, and clearly you have little insight into this issue. As I have stated before, my site is clearly about criticising the language that so many gay men are using today – NO FEMMES, NO QUEENS, NO GIRLY GUYS, NO ASIANS, NO INDIANS, NO BLACKS, etc etc. As I have stated over and over and over again, it doesn’t make you a “self hating homophobe” or a “sexual racist” if you are not attracted to this or that. What makes someone a self-hating homophobe is a persons illogical need to criticise, ridicule, and put down other members or their own community based purely on their race or gender expression. The fact that you don’t get it reflects poorly on you. I would suggest you spend A LOT more time reflecting on these issues, and read through my archives, before you next mouth off about something you don’t understand.

PS I just checked out your blog. Next to the title is the statement: “You don’t know me. You don’t know who I am. Don’t count me out so fast.” Can I just throw a MEGALOLZ in your direction at the extreme hypocrisy of YOUness?!

PPS To the comment below, I agree totally with you, social heteronormative conditioning is the root of the problem, but we all have a brain, and we all have a choice to become conscious of, and take responsibility for, our conditioning.