I bet you, if you asked any of those guys, if they thought your post was offensive, they'd all want you to change. Let's not be hypocritical

Yes, I’m sure all of the people I’ve exposed for their internalised homophobia or racism are offended by me. Let’s just remember a couple of things though: 1. I haven’t shamed them. They have shamed themselves with their awful, hateful use of language directed at their own community. 2. If we followed the strange logic you have just presented, people could no longer speak out against injustice, ignorance or bigotry, because they would be offending the unjust, ignorant, and the bigotted. I am not a hypocrite. You need to look at your own blog and start embracing diversity instead of targeting the diversity of the gay community and ridiculing it because it doesn’t fit your heteronormative standards of acceptability. End of message.