Okay, that QUOTE on my profile is from a song, but if you wanna talk hypocrisy, take a gander at your blog. "Slut shaming is SO wrong… but this guys a whore." Like, you're fucking retarded. No one can ever be right with you, either. As soon as a valid point gets brought up against something you've said, you're quick to call them an idiot or stupid. Not to mention, your blog is just one. large. cluster. fuck. of contraindication. Get the fuck over yourself, dumbass.

Youre just embarrassing yourself now. So can you show me exactly where I say slut shaming is wrong and then call someone a whore? Also the “you’re fucking retarded statement” you’ve made – I’m wondering how disabled people feel when they read comments like that. And as far as your ridiculous argument of “as soon as a valid point is raised you call them an idiot” – unfortunately you don’t make any valid points, all you do is whine and complain because you’ve been challenged by my blog. You’re arguments are commonly employed by white privileged arseholes: I.e. you are challenged by the concepts in my blog, but because you can’t come up with any argument against those concepts (because there aren’t any valid arguments to support gay racism and internalised homophobia) you instead try to derail me by attacking either the way I’ve raised an issue or the way in which I’ve argued. Fact is, you’re pretty unsuccessful at two things: 1. Raising a genuine argument against the concepts in my blog and 2. Derailing me. The language you have used in both you’re messages to me shows just how little respect you have for others, and you ought to be ashamed of your tiny, ignorant mind (although I know you’re fragile ego is so large it’s highly unlikely you have the capacity to feel shame). I’d say it’s now your turn to “go fuck yourself, dumbass”.