What do you think we can do to uncouple masculinity and effeminiphobia (and masculinity and racism, but asks have character limits)? I wonder what it would take. Gender is one of the most guarded things about society–very few people seem to want to break it down. And manhood being incompatible with femininity goes back ages in the US, before the revolutionary war, even. (I read too many books.)

I don’t know. It’s such a tough question. There’s so many levels to the ignorance and bigotry so prevalent today. There’s externalised and internalised hatefulness rooted in fear and deeply ingrained social mechanisms of control which is what I see as the main problem (with a perfect example being the latest round of unconsciousness exhibited on my blog today). My belief is its an uphill battle that probably can’t be won, but if you do nothing you are just contributing to it. So I fight it in my way and hopefully others fight to raise awareness and consciousness in their way.