"When was the last time you went to a restaurant and instead of ordering your meal, you told them everything you DIDN’T want instead? I bet the answer is NEVER! But when you’re on Grindr every word is “No this, no that”. What the hell is wrong with you guys?" Then through this logic, it's perfectly acceptable to say: "I want a white man, because that's what I'm attracted to." Grindr is a shady ass phone app mainly used for gay men to hook up, not a dating site to dance around preferences.

Firstly I agree with you. Way better to say “I want a white man” than to say “I don’t want an Asian”. So congratulations on being clever enough to read one of my posts and apply its logic. You deserve a medal. As for the “dancing around preferences” comment you made, I don’t care too much for that. For some people it’s just a pick-up app, and for others it’s their way of socialising in the non-Hetero world. Either way a person shouldn’t have to encounter racism and homophobia, even if YOU think it shouldn’t bother them.