Not Your Typical Gay

If these two guys listened to some of the criticism instead of trying to defend themselves all the time, we all might be able to get along.

Fact is, I’ve always said only some of their posts are problematic, with other posts not being so. However, the problematic ones suck!

These guys could easily use a little caution when they publish a post that seems to condemn the more stereotypical gay traits, but instead, they told me “it would be too hard”.

IT WOULD BE TOO HARD??? Seriously, you guys said that. All you are really saying is: we don’t give a shit.

So go ahead, call me a bully, but how about you start checking your bloody posts before you publish them and crap in the face of all the queens, femmes, divas, sissy boys, girly guys, drags, hairdressers, flight attendants, small-fluffy-puppy owners, florists, and make-up artists who make up a HUGE proportion of YOUR community.

And if after all that, you still find it too hard, then I suggest instead of another whiny rant about how many people agree with you, how about you try a nice hot cup of STFU.

PS i just read through the comments on two dozen of the posts on the blog, and they prove my point more than I ever could – these problematic posts of yours are just bringing out the homophobia within the gay community and directing it a stereotypes. Fuck you guys if you have a problem with me bringing this up.