Because some of us remain ashamed of who we are because of the illogical hatred and discrimination we experience our whole lives.

Not all feel the need to, not because they’re ashamed of themselves.

I’d like to meet one of them, then. Would be an extremely rare species…

seriously? what does it matter? I’m sick and tired of seeing people sit there nagging on others like they are superior. I am part of a pride center with over 200 participants, and there are closeted gay men and women that walk in everyday and are part of the group. I will never understand why I get criticized for sticking to my beliefs, and I get thrown down for having a youthful point of view, when at the same time, you’ve got age on your side, and clearly nobody can sway your opinion either. It’s STILL beyond my comprehension why this argument still exists. EVERYONE that I’ve talked to about this argument thinks it’s complete shit. They see no validation of your points and morals, and they tell me that you’re just simply an insecure bully whom doesn’t have happiness of his own. And no, i did not ask only people I know about it. I’ve asked people, whom I’ve never met, from my weekly lgbt group that gains more visitors each time. There should not be any type of argument from one gay to another.

On another note. You say “them” like the closeted homosexuals are aliens. And “species” is NOT the right word. That’s the real homophobia. You’re coming for everyone who doesn’t agree with you. I have learned a lot, and i’m sure you have as well, but like i said numerous times, that doesn’t make you better than me.

What is this all about, anyway?

During my junior year in high school a few years back, I had a student talk badly about my way of life and where i came from. I told my teacher about it and she said “What does it matter? There’s more to life than being better than everyone else”. So what DOES all of this matter? What goal are you trying to reach? What satisfaction will it give you to personally attack both me, a supporter of the entire lgbt community, and those men who just have high standards? What will this all accomplish? How will this make you a better person?

My age does not reflect my experience in life, and neither does your age. So stop using your self-superiority as an excuse, your blog is an excuse for the lack of happiness, you’re arguments are an excuse for your own insecurities. If you don’t want to be a part of OUR blogs community, don’t follow us

Dear Jordo, I don’t care how many people you speak to, or how sick and tired you are of hearing my arguments. Your site publishes some of the most self-hating rubbish I’ve seen on tumblr, and the fact is you will not own it for a second. I personally have received many messages from people who think the same. Just because you can find some people who agree with you doesn’t justify any of the crap you’re sticking up online. Wanna call me a bully, go right ahead. Wanna sit around in your group and pat each other on the back while you psychoanalyse me and decide that I must have had an unhappy childhood, go right ahead. Wanna keep posting heteronormative bullshit online? Go right ahead! This is tumblr, you can’t censor me, and I can’t censor you. Deal with it!

Uhm, I clearly made it apparent that I’ve only ever wanted to coexist. Don’t twist my words or put any in my mouth. We’ve made effort to find an agreement, and youve not done anything about it, so fuck you and YOUR blog, never in my life have I met someone so egotistical and self-centered as you.

I have NEVER posted anything EVER claiming “we don’t do this and it’s stupid if you do”. Never! But you post shit about us all the time, so fuck you. At the end of the day, you’re reblog going us, giving us notes, getting us attention. “deal with it.”

Calm down. That way you might write something that makes sense. Until then every piece of homophobic bullshit from your blog will be called out. And even though you don’t want to hear it, there’s a market for it – lots of people find many of your posts offensive to gays, and the fact you are ignoring this says everything we need to know about you. And for the record can I just point out the extreme irony that you call me egotistical yet you’re the one going on about hits and followers?