According to “,” we are apparently supporting a self hating, homophobic environment. We’re going to try and fix this but would like you all to know that that was NEVER our intention. We were aiming for the complete opposite, honestly. We wanted to prove that we’re not all the same, but not once have we stated that there was anything wrong with fitting the stereotypes. In fact, we’ve aknowledged on numerous occasions that some of us DO, and there’s nothing wrong with it. Anyways, as we stated earlier, we’re going to try and denounce the accusations and prove that we’re doing this for the good, and not to enlighten femme-hatred. If our attempts are unsuccessful, I regret to inform you that we’ll be shutting down the blog. We started it with the greatest of intentions, but it’s turning into something we really hoped it wouldn’t. Thanks for reading, and keep 

Let’s see if NOT YOUR TYPICAL GAY manages to live up to its promise. It’s really not that hard, it just takes a little respect and a little thoughtfulness before just publishing whatever gets sent into them. They keep stating (in their FAQ and elsewhere) that they don’t mean to upset/offend “femmes” because one of the admins is a “femme guy”. I just think in that case he should know better. Sounds too much like the “One of my friends is black/asian/hispanic” defence to me.