Am I A Gay Christian Nazi? Part 7

In other post of yours, this time a reblog, you endorse the statement that ““Straight-acting” gay men are a minority. Queens are the ones who been runnin’ this shit since fo’eva. Thank you.” In this case, one can only presume that you are using “straight acting” to refer to the broader base of traditionally masculine men and declaring what is, in your opinion, their inherent inferiority to so-called “Queens”. I struggle to see another interpretation of this remark; you believe that because these individuals are a minority they must be persecuted, silenced, to satisfy the demands of what you believe to be the majority. It is strange how you are only willing to stand up for the rights of such minorities when you are in them.

I’m starting to wonder if we are from the same planet, if I am to be honest. The blog post you mention is from a guy in NYC. He’s very flamboyant, passionate, aggressive, and vibrant. I liked what he said, so I reblogged it. You could ask him what he meant exactly, and take up your argument with him if you like. What I’m struggling with (to use your words) is how you are connecting men who use the term “straight acting” (who are the object of his criticisms) with masculine identifying, or cis-men (who were not the target of his criticisms). So here you have decided that one means the other, and therefore its an attack on all cis-men. Well, his post was not an attack on all cis-men, and it certainly has no flavour to indicate that the cis-male is inferior to the trans-male. The fact that you have misinterpreted this is not my problem, and based on that misinterpretation, I cannot remark on what you’ve said, apart from to say you got it wrong.

In my country, effeminate gay men are the overwhelming vocal majority in the community. This has led to active persecution of individuals who do not wish to conform the standard you promote; I have never in my life identified as being “straight-acting”, yet I have been attacked by fellow gay men for “repressing my sexuality” and being a “self-hating homo”, when this is plainly not the case. I am aware of people who have become extremely and clinically depressed as a consequence of the gender/sexuality-identity crisis this as forced upon them. You do not appear to believe this is a serious problem – you concentrated exclusively on discrimination against individuals who did fit the gay stereotype and demonstrate absolutely no sympathy towards those who are persecuted because they are not. Indeed, you appear to be in favour of that persecution because it helps to advance what you believe to be a gay ideal. Similarly, you treat racism as though it is an exclusively white phenomenon; something “white people” only do to others (which is, in and of itself, a racist attitude). You mention nothing of white-on-white racism, nor the reverse, when racism occurs against white people (which, all though is obviously dramatically less frequent than white-on-other racism, is still nonetheless equally appalling).

I’m truly very saddened if you have been persecuted by other gay men for your choice of expression. I’ve already spoken about this above – my blog is not there to criticise cis-gay-male expression, it is only there to criticise expression that demeans and ridicules the more stereotypical gay male expression. To add anything more would be to repeat myself, and this is already an enormously long blog post. I can however, say once more that you keep mentioning the “standard [I] promote”. I don’t promote any “standard” of gay life whatsoever. Be whoever you are. Just don’t use language that criticises who others are (and that would include someone saying “cis-men are all closested self-hating homos”). 

It is extremely insulting that you would think I am not aware of the clinical depression that the “gender/sexuality indentity crisis” can cause. I am aware of it, I have suffered from it, and I know all too well what its like. However if your way of dealing with this depression is to shout out to world how much you dislike “queens, femmes, girly boys, etc” and question their status as “real men” then you will cop it from me. Can’t be more clear than that.

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