You have a lot of stuff about white men exclusively into other white guys, but I was wondering if you had any thoughts on white men predominantly attracted to other specific racial groups. As a white man attracted to people from other races what do you suggest in terms of problems of fetishisation etc? Because if we acknowledge that society instills racist views within us then what is the best way to be aware of and avoid these. Just looking for some advice on how to not be a shit person.

LOL! I don’t know how you can “not be a shit person”! I guess it you’re worried you’re a shit person chances are you’re NOT a shit person OR you’re about to become a better person. I don’t know much about fetishisation which is why I don’t write about it. I might put up a Wikipedia article on it but I would be worried of offending people by writing about something I know little about. Gut reaction: I’d say it’s better for and Asian guy on Grindr to see GWM4GAM rather than NO ASIANS but again no Asian dudes have ever talked to me about it.