A question then, if you'll kindly humour me. If the submissions you take offence to were reversed – for instance, "We don't all believe in polygamy" being "We don't all believe in monogamy" and so on – would you continue to criticise and attack it?

Even though this is a really poor attempt at applying logic to prove a point, I will “Humour” you. If monogamy was a minority form of relationship, and people tried to shame those expressing it for no other reason than they didn’t agree with it, or didn’t feel comfortable with it, then yes I would criticise such a post. Monogamy, however, is the majority expression of relationships. Open- and polyamorous relationships are in the minority, but they are not hurting anyone. Yet here we have yet another submission on NOT YOUR TYPICAL GAY that shames those people in our community who express themselves through alternative relationships. Who are you, or NOT YOUR TYPICAL GAY, to judge them? Who do you think you are? I’m monogamous, by the way, but probably only due to heteronormative conditioning (another argument for another time), but I would not DREAM of judging someone else for their relationship choices. So report me dude! NOT YOUR TYPICAL GAY enables anti-gay language. So much of what they allow to be published sounds no different to the same anti-gay language we so often here from homophobic christians and others. If you dont like it, I don’t care, because I will continue to fight against it until they wake up to themsevles. I suggest you read what I’ve written about hating on stereotypes here before you contact me again, because if you are not willing to open your mind to other ideas, then I’m not willing to continue to debate with you:

Internalised homophobia and stereotypes

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