Gays stuck in a christian vortex of judgement and shame…

Just think about the infantile statement you’ve just read above for a minute.

This isnt a statement made by some born-again christian cultist who’s only real education has been the hate-filled doom and gloom, Jesus-owned-a-shotgun-too message from a deranged minister in a pulpit.

It’s a statement made by a follower of an unashamedly heteronormative gay Tumblr blog. But it totally sounds like the former.

“Polygamy” is a no-no? For him maybe. Not for Jesus and many others in the christian bible – they were pretty much all for polygamy (I’m an atheist by the way, just in case you’re new). But here he is saying its a “no-no”. Why? Because the heteronormative conditioning that has infected him his entire life says its a “no-no”.

I just wonder what the point is anymore. With so many “out and not-proud” non-heterosexuals spewing their rubbish, anti-gay views all over the place, I’m starting to lose MY faith in the gay “community”.

It’s not that I think people should think according to my wishes, far from it. It’s just that gay men seem to be dragging the heteronormative conditioning of an extremely dysfunctional society with them when they leave their closets. Their language is increasingly becoming more and more difficult to distinguish from the language of anti-gay campaigners.

Instead of fighting homophobia, they are perpetuating it, and every positive, rational attempt I have made with these men to address this is met with resentment, ridicule and hate (all borne of unconscious fear and self-loathing).

This is sad. This is depressing. This isn’t the way it has to be.

I’d love to discuss ideas on how to express these concepts to other gay men without triggering their predictable, fear-based reactions.