LOL. So basically you’re saying “We’re not to blame for all the hate on this site”. That’s kinda the “we’re just following orders” defence, don’t you think? Well guys, thanks for enabling self-hate, thanks for enabling internalised homophobia, and thanks for making so many “typical” gay men feel shit about themselves simply because they’re … GAY.

Roll up, roll up! Post ya’ homophobia here, it’s ALL KINDS OF GOOD


We’ve been getting a lot of criticism on this post. ^^^ We’d just like to clarify, once more that we (as stated in the FAQ) are not the ones posting these. They’re all based off submissions. The opinions expressed in this blog are solely those of the submitter, and are no reflection of our opinions, whatsoever. Personally, we don’t agree with this post, but from the very beginning we stated that EVERY post submitted, would be posted. Thank you guys for understanding.