hi, look im not homophoic at all but you just posted a picture off my brother up here, clearly you didnt get permission to post his picture take it down now or i will get nasty his names tyler is not rasict at all you clearly dont seem to grasp to concept that grindr is a hook up site and people have there own prefences and types just because they say there not attracted to a certian type off person or nationality doesnt make them racist so take that picture off my brother down now.

LOL. It’s so hilarious when people keep defending their racism as a sexual preference! I don’t have the energy to keep repeating myself over and over, so if you want to understand why what this person wrote is racist, then go straight to Gay School 101 and find out. 

I will even provide you with the links: 

Gay School 101


Why saying NO ASIANS / NO BLACKS etc is racist…