Here’s a perfect example of white privilege:

It’s not your right to preferences that’s in question, it’s your prejudices that are the issue here.

Furthermore, you do not own the copyright to this image. As per the Grindr privacy policy:

Grindr Privacy Policy

3.1 Data You Provide to Us.

(a) Profile. We may collect Personal Data from you, such as your photo, display name, status, relationship, looking for, ethnicity, age, height, weight, social network link, and any other information you voluntarily add to your profile on the Grindr App (“Profile Information”).

5.1 IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT PROFILE INFORMATION. YOU UNDERSTAND THAT WHEN YOU USE THE GRINDR APP, AS A DEFAULT, YOUR PROFILE INFORMATION (DEFINED ABOVE) IS PUBLIC AND OTHER USERS OF THE GRINDR APP CAN SEE YOUR PROFILE INFORMATION. DO NOT INCLUDE INFORMATION IN YOUR PROFILE THAT YOU WANT TO KEEP PRIVATE. Grindr App users can use the search feature in the Grindr App to search for other users by different profile criteria, like age. Your Profile Information will be used for these searches. The Grindr App user interface may include a feature to make certain items of Profile Information non-public, in which case we will respect your selection. However, even if you choose to make non-public certain items of your Profile Information if and as permitted by the user interface, sophisticated users who use the Grindr App in an unauthorized manner may nevertheless be able to obtain this information. The Grindr App may include a feature that allows you to designate certain users as “Favorites” or “Blocked”. Generally, this designation is only viewable by you; however, sophisticated users who use the Grindr App in an unauthorized manner may be able to determine which users you have designated as Favorites or Blocked. YOU HEREBY CONSENT TO THE DISCLOSURE OF YOUR PROFILE INFORMATION AS DESCRIBED ABOVE.