Sunday Morning “Hate-the-Gay-Gays” Session

Always fun to encounter a white gay guy in his thirties on a Sunday morning who hates on the gays. I could tell from looking at him what I was in for, but you know, you can’t judge a book by its cover (although I’m starting to think when it comes to guys like this, you totally can).

As usual, the white privilege comes out almost immediately. It’s so ingrained into these people its just an every day way of life. And of course once the racism or homophobia is pointed out we go on the crazy merry-go-round of “how dare you call me a homophobe, I’m a nice person, I do community work” blah blab snore.

I will let you be the judge, after reading the conversation for yourself. Me? I’m just going to attempt to pour bleach directly into my brain through my ears and see if that makes my sore head feel any better after talking to this draining, white privileged, gay, gay-hater.

So it starts off innocently enough. He messaged me “G’day”, I messaged back “Hi mate” etc. Started talking about what we did for a living, what we are interested in, hobbies and the like. He’s a flight attendant by the way, but I didn’t let that fool me. I’ve met a whole bunch of muscled up flight attendants in the past who were amongst the most homophobic gays I’ve ever met.

So here’s the conversation. You be the judge.

Yep so there you have it. He doesn’t like the gays who “broadcast themselves”, who are “loud and bitchy”, or who are “drag queens”. The one’s who “don’t have to act the way [they] do”. Then he tries to back-peddle and say its just the rude ones he doesn’t like. Hmmm, I wonder where I’ve heard language like that before. OH THAT’S RIGHT, FROM HOMOPHOBES! 

And the OUTRAGE, the UTTER OUTRAGE he expresses at being considered a homophobe, even though his language and its context were homophobic.

And remember, its people like this guy, with all their muscles and their heteronormative expression, that most of the gay scene swoons over.

So I will just shake my head for the rest of the day and mourn some more for our self-hating, damaged community.