I'm sure you already know, but you're so PC you might as well be a computer. Like, sure, some people are racist on Grindr, but the fact is: those same people are just as racist IRL. Both PoC and white, too. This only-white-blaming you're doing is just as self-hating as anti-fem comments which you consider to be self-hating or "internalized homophobia." A lot of us whites really don't give a flying fuck what race someone is as long as they're a decent human being, and we treat everyone equally.

It’s true, there are some nice white people out there. BUT… They are not the subject of this blog. This blog is about RACISTS and HOMOPHOBES. It’s very sad (for you and for me) that most of the RACISTS and the HOMOPHOBES that I’ve come across are WHITE.


I’m sorry considering words before you type them into a profile or on Tumblr or wherever is so upsetting to you. I’m sorry taking the time to think about what you say and how it might affect a minority bothers you so much. I’m sorry you are so challenged by my blog when it calls out white people who say shitty things. I’m sorry there are so many white people out there who are so full of racist crap that the resulting posts on my blog invade your eyes and create nasty thoughts in your mind about your beloved white people.

I’m sorry… hang on… no wait a second… I’M NOT SORRY AT ALL! LOL!

From one white person to another, I would like to express myself with a moving image: