I think it could be said in simpler terms. Stereotyping christians in no way impedes their freedom – in not one single way. They can still go door bashing, bible bashing, chanting at their cult-halls, get married, move about freely in society, expect to easily find other christians and cult-halls to worship in absolutely wherever they go in Australia or the States or any other western nation, expect to live their lives if they choose without being challenged on their views, expect to find work without their religious views playing a part in the decision to employ them (and often expect their religious views will be an advantage over other people in the selection process), expect protection from the law even when they are impeding on others’ rights to live their lives in peace and quiet, expect tax-free status for their organisations (in Australia at least), the list goes on and on.

Stereotyping non-heterosexuals, on the other hand, has resulted in less freedom: we are ridiculed, excluded, bashed, murdered, lynched, shunned, kicked out of our own homes by our parents, laughed at, demonised, linked incorrectly to sexual deviancy and pedophilia, treated differently at work, treated as on object of curiosity and entertainment, judged for having a different outlook on life, called “unnatural”, have laws that govern what we can and cannot do, have the highest rates of anxiety, depression, and suicide, cannot walk down the street expecting to find others like us, cannot go to work expecting to find others like us, cannot be certain we didn’t get that job we wanted because someone thought we were gay and wouldn’t be a “cultural” fit, cannot be certain people we work with aren’t talking about our sexuality in a negative way behind our backs, cannot talk about our sexuality or culture without worrying people will think we are “shoving it down their throats”, and the list goes on and on.

So, let’s just put this out there – I do not like christians. Apart from being an atheist and therefore by default thinking of christians as mindless fools, I don’t like their attitude borne on centuries of having their own way. But me not liking christians, and being prejudiced against them (which I am) DOES NOT IMPACT AT ALL on their freedoms in this world.

On the other hand…

The negative and false statements that christians spread about non-heterosexuals (and let’s face it, the biggest and most active homophobes in the West are christians) have a direct impact on my freedom to live on this planet. 

So when a christian wants to whine about hurt feelings, I just can’t bring myself to a place where I’m finding a fuck to give.