I'd be classified as fem. I've also been out of the closet since I was 12. Your arguments make no sense.

Ok, so I’ve been out and about this last hour, and came back to ALL FOUR OF YOUR MESSAGES.  Sorry taking so long upset you.

Straight-up, you’re right about the slut-shaming thing, I didn’t read carefully enough at first glance and you weren’t doing any slut-shaming. I’ll remove that from the post.

Moving right along…

Wow, you have so much experience as a gay then, having come out when you were 12! My my that’s a young age! My bad. It’s strange with all this experience, how ridiculously inane your views are, but anyhoo. FYI I came out the year you were born. LOL

You know, when you said you had come out when you were 12, I instantly thought of all the Lord of the Rings nerds during the lead up to the first movie being released. I remember how ridiculous it got on the forums, with every nerd in the world (nothing against nerds, bless) having to go one-up on the previous nerd. It got to the point where, before EVERY SINGLE POST, a nerd would say something like, “I’ve read LOTR 3,273 times, the first time when I was 4 years old,” and then the next nerd would say “Well I’ve read LOTR 5,498 times, the first time when I was in my mother’s womb, and I read the entire thing in Elvish” and on and on. Anyway, that’s what I thought of when you said you came out of the closet at 12.

Also, I had a look through the first ten pages of your blog, and what I realised I should be saying is “You’re Welcome”. I’m glad I could spice it up a bit for you today. Because the majority of what you blog about is… what you watch on television.

Don’t take this as a criticism – but when I was 19, I was too busy to watch television. I was certainly too busy to be sitting in front of a computer waiting for some dude from some blog to reply to my messages (of course back then there were no such things as blogs, people actually hung out and did things like: write and perform music, make movies, create art, paint murals on our houses, take road trips, philosophise about gender/queer theory/the meaning of life, fuck our boyfriends, party on Oxford Street, you know all that kind of stuff).

Moving forward, though, I’m glad you’ve been so upset by this blog. It has obviously hit a nerve. It’s meant to. That’s its purpose. The point of this blog is the RAISE AWARENESS. To get people talking. I clearly have my view, and you clearly have your view, but unfortunately you have nothing to offer the debate except to say “YOU’RE WRONG”. You also criticise me by saying I’ve “convinced myself that I’m right.” Yep! I have! So have you! So who’s ACTUALLY right then? Me or You?

Anyway, I have some thoughts for you. I thought, who cares if he doesn’t like my blog? He could go get educated on the subject himself (and believe me, you need to). Do you go to Uni? If so, they may have a gender studies course you could take, or you could even just use the library and read whatever interests you on the topic. I’d say “Google it” but I think in your hands the internet is a dangerous thing. Another option, if you live here in Melbourne, would be to come down to Fitzroy and buy a few books from Hares & Hyenas, a queer bookshop on Johnston Street. But be careful not to hurt their feelings in there – those guys are twenty years older than me and you might have too much experience for them and shame them for not knowing anything about being gay.

You might want to look into the concept of PRIVILEGE. White privilege, straight privilege, male privilege, christian privilege, all kinds of privilege. Just a suggestion for you. 

So there, I’ve suggested some options for you. I’m not responding any further to you because like I said, you’re welcome for all the free entertainment on your otherwise beige-as-shit telly-blog, but I have bigger fish to fry than you.

Don’t like the way I handle internalised homophobia and racism within the gay community? Then I challenge you to fight it yourself, in your own way. The more the merrier.

Otherwise, this is another option you could take: