You're wrong. And I hope you understand that you're wrong. Are you wrong because of the whole "people shouldn't be racist and homophobic on grindr" thing? No, not at all. Because you're totally right. They shouldn't. The whole "no blacks" or "no fems" thing is absolutely ridiculous. You're wrong because you go about correcting the problem in the complete wrong way. You prejudge people in an attempt to stop prejudice. It's ridiculous. It's wrong. It's reverse-homophobia. And it's disappointing.

Oh here we go again. We’ve got another corn-fed white guy trying to tell me that I should be ashamed for calling out racism and homophobia in the gay community. Basically it’s the all too common: “don’t hurt the racist homophobe’s feelings” defence. He even throws in the ludicrous “reverse homophobia” tag, like that even means anything. Anyways, these white whines have all been addressed before in my blog and in countless others. There’s no reason to keep repeating myself. But thank you for telling me I’m wrong. And thank you for being soooo constructive and telling me how I could be dealing with racism and homophobia better … No wait, YOU DIDN’T. So maybe start your own blog, where you can show us all THE RIGHT WAY. Next!