Going through the Grindr tag and there’s nothing but animosity for people that have ‘No fem’ or ‘straight acting looking for same’


I don’t know what it is, but I think it is a perfectly legitimate thing to put on a cruising/dating app. Like, people are entitled to like who they want. It saves everyone a lot of effort and time if you can instantly tell you’re not someones type so grow the fuck up and use some logic you dicks.

Yep! Using the same language as a homophobe is perfectly legitimate … In your strange bizarro world where gays should hate gays just so they can look “normal”.

Also, how’s that selective vision going for you? You say there’s “nothing but animosity” towards self-hating homophobes but there’s a lot more than that – there’s submissions of interesting grindr conversations, there’s peoples thoughts on what Grindr means to them, and other stuff too. So try opening up your mind (and eyes) instead of having a knee-jerk reaction to criticism because you want to speak like a homophobe.

What a sick, sick community we have here!