Hey, just wanted to point out in regards to the answer to that last ask that "trans" is an adjective so there should be a space between "trans" and "man/men"… sort of like you don't have "men" on the one hand and "gaymen" on the other. While I do think a lot (though certainly not all, unfortunately) transphobia in the gay community is due to ignorance rather than malace it's still harsh to put up with when you're a gay man also dealing with the realities of being trans.

I would imagine its disgustingly harsh. And whilst I agree that ignorance is the problem, not malice, it is still completely unacceptable (the same goes with the issues on my site). As for the way I used the term trans* I am definitely ignorant which is why I imitated the way it was used in the question (which was transman/transmen) in order to avoid a problem (but obviously it didn’t work!)