Yeah maybe I came across as a bit of a hypocrite there. Proof reading wouldn't go a miss in future. Just don't like seeing people who I believe are decent human beings feeling like they've been targeted. Spot the irony. Although attacking my age and interests was a bit uncalled for. I'm sure many of the people who support your cause will share common interests and be of a similar age.

Believe it or not I don’t fight people for fun on here. I didn’t attack your age, I merely pointed out that you were young.

What I attacked was a person who criticises my approach, but offers no solutions himself, to the issues of racism and homophobia. Who is doing literally nothing on his blog to make a difference (so it appears at first glance anyway) but criticises someone else who is trying to make a difference.

Moving on though, I’m not here to make friends. The people I have been battling on my blog are guilty of some of the most disgusting homophobic language, and therefore I won’t be apologising for calling them out. I don’t shame them, they shame themselves.

If a gay man is using language that easily sounds like its coming out of a right-wing homophobic christian’s mouth, then it is homophobia! (Such a simple, simple concept really). 

So I’m not sure how you can call these people “decent human beings”. If they say homophobic things, then they are not behaving very decently.