Lol, no I don’t think so gurrrrrrl…


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unfollow me right now and just get the fuck outta my tumblr. 

you dont not have the right to slander people for their opinion.

gtfo and take your self-righteous ass away from the keyboard and stop giving so much of a fuck about other people.

It’s so funny how people like to call blatant racism or homophobia an “opinion”, as though by calling it such justifies it as legitimately defendable. And the outrage, the absolute outrage they are expressing at racist and homophobes being called out.

It’s also strange that said blatant racism and homophobia barely gets ANY criticism at all from within the gay community. I mean, there’s just me, and the occasional news piece in the gay media (which usually focuses on the racism and not so much the self-hate). Yet people like this guy are getting so upset over one person’s blog!

And as for calling what I do slander! Slander usually involves making false statements that damage a person’s reputation. All I do is give further airplay to the comments people have already publicly made themselves. You need to start looking up the meaning of words before you use them.

If I’m guilty of anything, its of not being compassionate enough towards these people for being so incredibly damaged by their heteronormative conditioning.

Newsflash, crazy gay guy, the racism and homophobia within the gay community are not “opinions”, they are expression of ignorance, self-hatred, and bigotry.

You can’t stop me from calling them out, and you can’t stop me from following your strange, sexually frustrated “am I cool, I’m just not sure if I’m cool, tell me I’m cool” blog.

Oh, and I know it was just a typo, but you wrote “you don’t not have the right to slander people for their opinion”. So I’m gonna take that as a weird unconscious slip whereby you think I do have the right.