Response to the response you gave me: Well tell me what I'm supposed to say? Hell, why don't you tell everyone what they're supposed to say if they aren't attracted to femme guys because I feel that either way you'll be offended. There are tons of queer men who genuinely don't find effeminate men attractive. And I don't mean just in their head but will still fuck them attractive, I mean want to find them attractive but can't get a hard-on. What then?

Why do you feel the need to focus on what you’re NOT attracted to? Why all this “I don’t like this I don’t like that” stuff? What’s so hard about telling the world what you do find attractive? Why the compulsive need to put other people down for things that are out of their control? Ask yourself these questions instead of demanding me to somehow enable your requirement for profiles to contain some kind of anti-femme statement. And as for “tell everyone what theyre supposed to say” I already have. Here and about 15 gajillion times elsewhere on my blog.