I think the message you're spreading is so, so wrong. Now I'm against the term "straight acting" and guys eh think because they act in this way are normal but I saw what you wrote to a guy on grindr and you completely bulldozed him and, in my opinion, prescribed your own problems on to him as well as alienating him from the conversation by using jargon and then claiming a hollow victory

Yep, i’m certainly not subtle.

I know the post you are referring to, (it’s here), he totally bought into the conversation and if you re-read it you will see that four to five times I asked him if we could stop discussing it because it wasn’t a very good forum for expressing opinions on the subject without causing angst and difficulty.

Each and every time I asked him this, he completely ignored me and continued to sprout out his heteronormative bullshit, so rather than feel sorry for him, how about you go and re-read the conversation again.

Also, if you do read it again, how about you look out for the anti-femme statements he makes as well. Compare these statements to those made by heterosexual homophobes and tell me what the difference is between them. (There’s none, but it would entertaining to hear you argue against that…)

And please point out where I somehow tricked him into this conversation as well, because that would be interesting. I know I stated I was against homophobia towards stereotypical guys (what’s wrong with saying that?), but he instantly jumped on the “they don’t have to act the way they do” bandwagon, and so as far as I’m concerned, he was fair game. He’s a big boy, just like all these homophobic “masc” guys claim to be, so I’m wondering why people like yourself act like these men are being victimised when someone like me comes along and offers even a slight challenge to their accepted (ignorant) views of the world. Why is that?

Here are the quotes of me trying to change the subject for the sake of peace:

1. “Ok what do you want to chat about happy to talk about this another time.” IGNORED

2. “It’s ok, let’s not argue, I think it’s hard to do via text message.” IGNORED

3. “But anyway, like I said, we will only get angry if we keep having this convo by SMS.” IGNORED

4. “Listen I knew you were like this from your pics. I would be happy to sit down and talk about this with you. But online you are just going to get upset and then it’s a waste of opportunity for both of us.” IGNORED

5. “If you want those resources let me know, but I’m not continuing this pointless debate with you any further.” IGNORED

6. “Can I just stop this right now for one second – for the FOURTH TIME (actually I just realised it was the SIXTH TIME) I am going to say this is bad to have this conversation online. See how it makes things suck!!!!” IGNORED

7. “That’s it, I’m not talking to you online about this subject anymore – I honestly don’t want to fight with you on it. In the flesh, face to face, things work out much better.” IGNORED

So there you have it – did you even read the damned conversation, or did you just skim over it, looking for pieces that supported your own view?

And one last thing: you haters always come here a complain about what I do. Not a single one of you EVER offers a suggestion or something constructive about what I could be doing instead, which is strange considering how much you say you’re against the issue of internalised homophobia yourself. So go away, and start your own blog to battle the issue out, and show us all how to do it better!

PS – I just checked out your blog, named “The Chronicles of Bitch”. You’re 18 in London and describe yourself as a “full time cunt”. I’d say there’s a lot of self-evident issues you need to work on yourself before coming in here, getting in way over your head, and critiquing my work.