The work you do on this blog is amazing. In particular I've enjoyed your calling out of "Not Your Typical Gay". I fall into many of the stereotypes the contributors try to distance themselves from, and it's horrible seeing people reblog them as if I'm a bad person for being a bit feminine and liking Lady Gaga. Seeing you call them out on their bullshit makes me feel a lot better and I really appreciate it. (I always feel a bit creepy sending complimentary asks, but I feel like I need to)

Hey Jack! It’s far from creepy. The more people who speak up about all of this stuff, the more the heteronormative enablers will start to realise that their views are fucked. As for the Not Your Typical Gay blog, the name is very unfortunate, but I’ve been communicating with them after the initial attack-fest and I genuinely believe their intentions have never been to make gays feel less worthy by being themselves. I’ve been sending in posts myself to try to even up the anti-gay balance of their submissions, and I’ve been making sure every week I reblog the submissions they get that are suspect so that at least anyone reading the comments will see there’s another point of view. Even so, it goes to show how damaged our gay community is in 2012, where hundreds of people will reblog one-line statements that basically reinforce the homophobia the Hetero world dishes out, where blogs like mine are routinely attacked by gay men who are, for want of a better phrase, still hating themselves for not being Hetero. Another reason why your opinion is so important to be heard!