The anti-logic is astounding … MEGALOLZ


I think I need to step away from tumblr for a few years.

I’ll come back when it’s gone the way of myspace and it’s actually safe to say “Hi” to someone without being considered a racist.

Here’s another white whine tantrum from one my blog’s haters. I love it when other white people use this sort of anti-logic after they’ve been called out for whatever their shitty behaviour was – be it racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, whatever.

They always bring up statements like the one above. As if ANYONE EVER IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD would call someone racist for saying “Hi”. (TO qualify this, if anyone DID call you a racist for saying “Hi” then that person is a dickhead, and an embarrassment to themselves). But they make these sorts of ludicrous statements in an effort to derail and trivialise issues like homophobia, and to garner support from other white racists and homophobes because they feel threatened and in a weak position.

It’s a close relative to the “It’s political correctness gone MAD!” argument that they use when someone challenges them for using offensive language.

So how about we stay on topic instead? Oh no, that won’t do, because child of white privilege isn’t winning the argument. So let’s side-step the whole issue, try to make everyone against the bigotry look petty, and find some other bigots to give me hugs and say “It’s ok, you’re such a nice guy, don’t listen to those awful people, you’re not racist, you’re lovely …” Yeah, real lovely towards other bigots!

No, saying “Hi” to someone will never get you called a racist. On the other hand, saying “Hi, I’m not into Asians” on your public profile on Grindr will.