Your body might be fit but your mind isn’t. Queens and Asians don’t need to be confronted over and over with these kinds of profiles every time they log into Grindr

The irony is he has another profile which is just a headless torso. He doesn’t insult anyone on that profile, but here with his face on full view is all no queens / no Asians.

And for the inevitable parade of “OMG how is he racist how is he homophobic it’s just a preference” let’s remember a few facts:

1. In Melbourne only 16% of the populace is Asian. So this whole NO ASIANS rubbish is overkill at the least, racist at the most.

2. Homophobes make a living criticising gay men and lumping them into stereotypes that revolve around effeminacy. Are they just expressing their “sexual preference” too? When gay men use the language of homophobes in a negative way (such as this guy) then they are being homophobic too.